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The classic line from a Simon and Garfunkel song references the longing for the heroes of our past. Aching for someone in the present to step forward and be that person.  

The recent election made me stop and ponder the thought further with our current political state. So many people in our Country are looking for inspiration and hope. They will turn to almost anyone, as the results showed.  Having spoken with many people over the past couple of weeks, the vast majority “just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for the other candidate.”  This is not exactly inspirational when they are referring to electing the most important position of leadership in the greatest Country for leadership in the entire World.

We are seeking more inspirational and capable leadership than what the recent election brought us.  Which brought me back around to leadership as a whole in our society, more specifically in our businesses.

Where is the inspiration in your company?

Are you an inspirational leader?

More importantly, how do you know?


Where are the inspirational leaders?
The leaders like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, who truly stand up and change the course of history.  Where is inspirational leadership of JFK who looked ahead and saw a future where we walked on the moon and made us all believe it?


Leadership, for the most part, is created and developed, not a born trait. Are organizations of today creating inspiring, capable leaders? Apparently, and sadly, no.



The inspirational leaders of my past were those who inspired me to want to utilize my talents more, or in a different way.  They were the Joe DiMaggio, the JFK, the MLK of my personal career path.  They were NOT the people who told me what I was doing wrong.  This is a trait we see in MANY companies today. 


Pointing out my faults or mistakes never seemed to motivate me, but rather made me anxious or afraid of making a mistake. The inspirational leaders who have impacted my life and career, like Bill Carr, or George Custer or Doug Christiansen, all deliberately asked me questions where they could have saved a few minutes of time telling me the answer.  They wanted me to see and believe that I knew the answer and didn’t need a manager to tell me. 


The motivation is within all of us, as is the talent to do far more than we thought we were capable of.   These inspirations bring out these qualities and provide us the opportunity to soar.  Just like when our favorite team wins a World Series. We all feel better because of it. Heck, if the Cubs can win a World Series, imagine what we can ALL do.


Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?


If you want to know where your organization stands on inspirational, effective and capable leaders, and more importantly if you want to begin down the path of developing these leaders, please, give us a call.  We create the Joe DiMaggios of the business world.