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Should I Fire My Least Productive Production Manager?

Usually when it comes to replacing my air filter on my car, I really don’t put all that much thought into it. For less than $20, the decision comes pretty easy. There will be no harm to my car if I do it, and spending more than 15 seconds on that type of decision...

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One Simple Principal Driving the Stock Market Slump

As we watch another week of struggling stock performances, it brings us to the question... why? The obvious answer is profitability, and the market’s confidence in a business’ ability to consistently produce profitability in a rapidly changing Global marketplace. But...

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How To Hold a Training Without Impacting Production

Do You Have Floor Leaders or Floor Workers? Often, clients are excited for their team to begin training, but are reluctant to take supervisors off the floor for the training. “It’s just too difficult to take all of the supervisors off the floor for an entire shift”...

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Are We Creating Value With Performance Reviews?

One of the most common phrases associated with performance reviews is “check the box.” Many managers have been through the painful process, often enforced by HR, and dread every step.  You drag out the forms and schedule a time slot with each employee.  The often...

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