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What Trump taught us about leadershipFirst of all, Trump’s rapid rise in popularity should tell leaders everywhere about how tired the people are of the status quo, and poor leadership overall.

The first politician who comes along and claims that he is a “leader” is welcomed with open arms, regardless of his or her history of leadership success.

How starved for leadership the American public (including YOUR workers) are for true leadership.


Unfortunately, how Trump conducts his campaign, is NOT leadership.

I truly hope that our culture will once again rise above the senseless violence that Mr. Trump is promoting. We do not subscribe to an eye for an eye concept. It simply is not in our constitution nor our real vision of being World leaders.

World leaders, no matter how difficult it is, stick to their core values.

They do NOT succumb to pressure to respond to violence with violence for the sake of revenge. We uphold our values in the face of adversity. THAT is what all of the proud men and women who have made this Country great subscribe to. This violence is not what our forefathers believed in, this is NOT what I believe in. To survive yes, violence may be necessary, but this is not the core issue.


Second, when Trump said in the latest Republican debate “if I say do it, they’re going to do it. That is what leadership is all about” I worried than someone, somewhere, anyone at all, might believe him.

On the contrary. That is assuming that there are human beings that are lesser in importance than us. Not true. The American people are an amazing collection of different personalities and ethnicities and even beliefs. All men (and women) are created equal. THIS, is what our Declaration of Independence states.

I believe in that.


And, I believe that real leadership, is NOT about telling people what to do and forcing them to do it.


Real leadership involves a whole lot more than that.



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