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Imagine this scenario.

The phone rings and it is your stockbroker.

“You are going to lose $1,000,000 if you do not act by this Friday!” says your broker, with urgency in their voice.

You hang up the phone and sit back down to dinner with your spouse.

The kids are fighting, dinner is on the table and will soon go cold. There are bills to be paid and chores to be done – some of which you will have to address immediately following dinner.


“Who was that?” Your spouse inquires.

You shrug.

“Something we can put on next year’s list of things to do.” You reply.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?



Are we too busy to immediately address Leadership Development?


You ARE going to lose one million dollars if you do not address your pressing leadership issues soon.


That decision you make (or put off making) about that Plant Manager or Director who is underperforming or worse, who is disengaging other managers and employees in your company?


That is a million dollar decision.


Perhaps, you should treat it like one.