We change the way you view leadership, and the role of leaders in your organization by empowering your leaders to empower the workforce.  Shamrock does not focus on just the issues and symptoms, we focus on the solutions.

We have three Core Focuses with our business.


If your organization or team is looking to develop a new vision, or developing one for the first time, Shamrock facilitates the successful development and roll out of that vision. Learn the art of having your vision be so much more than “words on the wall.”

Or if you are looking to elevate the performance, “take that next step to high performing teams”, or have increased business pressure to deliver more aggressive KPIs or financial goals. Shamrock provides a benchmark of where you are starting from, then helps the team build the necessary skillsets as leaders to deliver on the escalated expectations. Provide your leaders with a new and improved toolkit.


If you have a group, site or division that is struggling financially, with a specific KPI (service, quality, etc.), our experience has been that it is ALWAYS a leadership change away from turning around. We have an unmatched track record of turning around struggling groups in a very short time.


Currently featuring “Foundations of Effective Leadership”. Great refresher for experienced leaders, or an awesome way to get your new leader started on the path to success.

Coming soon. “Crucial Conversations”. Stop avoiding having those difficult conversations with peers, your boss or customers. Successfully navigate the number one issue facing executives today.