Here is what leaders from previous workshops have to say:

Michael Cole, Sr. Director of Transportation at Kraft Foods

Shamrock's training and approach was significantly different from any leadership training and development previously provided to Kraft Foods.  The direct feedback from the participants was that they feel more empowered and confident now to step out onto a weak limb and take risks and make decisions "like an owner".  Together, we created a leadership group capable of delivering much better results.

Jean Theriault, Plant Manager at McCain Foods

Going into this, I (expected) any other skills training where you come out with generic goals.  However, Shamrock Consultants delivered training not like anything I have experienced before.

Although we've been through multiple skills enhancement training, this one keeps you on focused on becoming a better leader which I personally feel is the key to a great plant/organization.

Matthew Price, Production Manager at Cavendish

(Shamrock Consultants) helped align our leadership team on what it means to be a leader, but more importantly it brought our team together in a common mission and we became closer.

John not only gave us tools to help us be better leaders, but asked the questions that we all needed to remember why we wanted to be leaders in the first place, and the responsibility that accompanies that.