Shamrock utilizes many methods to empower your leaders.  The steps below can be used together or separately, each situation is different and is completely customized based on your needs.

Live Unparalleled Assessment

  • Benchmark against best and/or others in the industry
  • Unbiased
  • Quick and Accurate

Engaging Workshops

  • Elevate leadership standards - Raise the participants’ awareness of the leadership skills and opportunity gaps that were identified during the assessment process.
  • Strengthen both the individual and team leadership capabilities.
  • Create a mindset and corresponding behavior plan to integrate the new leadership skills.
  • Ultimately, leverage the skills to develop a site culture that aligns with both current goals and future culture shifts. (SAP, New Products/Projects, Goal Adjustment etc.)

Personal Coaching

  • Acknowledge the individual strengths of the participant(s), and determine how to use these strengths to build individual and group capabilities.
  • Elevate skill levels to match increase in demand of role responsibilities. Raise the individuals capabilities to meet the demand of the position.
  • Begin to adapt, adjust or change beliefs and behaviors that do not serve the individual, while deepening the learning of the tools to make them more applicable day to day. This helps make the tools “real” in day to day activities, NOT something they will just put on a shelf.