Founded Shamrock in 1994 with a two-word Vision statement. Quality and Excellence. His belief is that Shamrock would grow, change, and learn as a company, but would never sacrifice those two values.

John began working in the manufacturing industry in 1985 and has honed the art of assessment from day one.   He received formal training in assessment, including working as an investigator in his younger days, but has learned the most through his curiosity.

He firmly believes that leadership is a system. A way of thinking. You’re not born with it. John believes that everyone learns differently and loves finding that point when he gets through to someone.

He brings experience and the skill of creating discomfort that will help the client change and begin doing the things that they ARE capable of doing.

It’s so exciting to see an individual or a group begin to grasp a concept and bring it to life. John is known for his energy and push with groups. But he has one simple saying:

You cannot fake CPR. You cannot fake Passion. And you certainly cannot fake Leadership.